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All American Student week is one of the major events a school can sponsor which can ‘Get Kids Fired Up About School’. It is very rewarding to both students and staff.

What's New Posted 4-30-19


Woodville Elementary and Alpaugh elementary, two rural schools located in southwestern Tulare County, sponsored outstanding All-American Student Classics in March 2019. Woodville conducted two Classics - one for students in grades 7-8, and another one for students in grades 5-6. Lori Willbanks is to be commended for her dedication, leadership and creativity for her role as Event Director. Lori is an incredible Ambassador for th All-American Student Classic. She continually displays a very deep passion for the Classic. She really wants her school's wonderful students to enjoy a fun event and be rewarded and recognized for their participation, efforts and achievements.


McDermont X's CEO Clint Ashcraft, and the AASC Team Members wish to announce that the 2nd Annual McDermont X - AASC Invitational will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 9:00am. The top five girls, and the top five boys at each grade level in any participating school during the 2018 - 2019 school year will be invited to the Classic Invitational. The event will once again showcase the "Best of the Best." It will be held at McDermont X in Lindsay California. 91 students enjoyed and were recognized at the first Classic Invitational last year. We are anticipating 150 student participants for the 2019 Invitational. This unique event will not cost the students or school any money. Parents and the public are encouraged to attend and "root" for their student athletes in grades 4-5-6-7-8.


Our AASC has been shared on the Central California Coast recently at 10 Central California Coast schools. We are anticipating with great hope, that we can present this event at some incredible elementary and middle schools located in that beautiful area.


Our AASC Team has several optional Classics to choose from. One is a very attractive Classic at a much lower cost for low enrollment schools. Several schools have already taken or plan to sponsor this special option for their school.

What's New Posted 2-27-19

Book Publication

Richard "Dick" Schlagel, Founder and CEO, AASC, has written a book on the AASC, titled "All­American Student Classic, A Dream Come True." It contains 26 chapters, including a number of pictures. The publication covers the Classic's beginnings in 1980-1992, and also the various events, activities, etc. since it was resurrected in the year 2012.

BEST of the BEST!

The 2nd Annual McDermont X - AASC Invitational will be held on Saturday June 1st, 2019 starting at 9:00am. The top 10 students (5 girls and 5 boys) at each participating grade level, will be invited to participate in this incredible event to be held on a Saturday at McDermont X in Lindsay, California. There is no cost for the students or the schools to participate. Last year's event, featuring the Best of the Best was a very exciting and enjoyable event for students, parents and those 30 volunteers who helped to make it such a successful day for 91 middle grade students.

Bottom Line

"The goal of incorporating scholastic achievement with athletic excellence is an encouraging goal for the best of the students and the heights many of them attained were amazing." ..... Monte Moore, former Major League Baseball Broadcaster for the Oakland A's and former owner of Radio Station KTIP in Porterville, California.

What's New Posted 11-16-18

Isaac Nunez II Passes Away

Isaac Nunez II was Principal at Pioneer Middle School in Porterville when that school was the first campus to compete in the All-American Student Classic in May of 2012. Nunez, along with his staff, sponsored an incredible event. He was the starter for the 50 yard dash. He was an outstanding educator and was serving as Principal at Olive Street School in Porterville Unified School District when he passed away on September 10, 2018, following a severe accident at his home. A well attended memorial service was held at the Porterville Church of the Nazarene on September 17, 2018. He is survived by his wife Casey, daughter Macy and son Atticus.

Have You Heard?

That ... The school staff and students at Alpaugh Elementary School, a small school located in southeast Tulare County are elated and looking forward to their first All-American Student Classic scheduled for this coming spring 2019.
That ... Our All-American Student Classic team was well received as it presented the program to administrators in the Dinuba Unified School District. Follow up meetings are being scheduled with the individual principals.
That ... We are continually striving to make the All-American Student Classic both student and staff friendly. Having the five academic tests completely computerized is a prime example. Student and staff time on that particular event has greatly reduced their time on taking the tests, scoring, reading results, etc.
That ... We will be sponsoring the Second Annual McDermont All-American Student Classic Invitational in spring 2019. The top five girls and top five boys from each school's participating grade will be invited to this incredible event. 90 Tulare County students participated and enjoyed the first Invitational held on May 26, 2018.

What's New Posted 9-7-18

First Annual McDermont X All-American Student Classic

Our First Annual McDermont X All-American Student Classic was held on May 26, 2018 at McDermont X in Lindsay, California. It was a very successful event for 60 special students from Tulare County. They had an opportunity to use their "brains and brawn" participating in the Classic's six event - 3 academic math, science, and reading and three athletic - 50 yard dash, rock climb and obstacle course.

Line-up of schools wanting to sponsor the AASC

We are elated to see the line-up of schools wanting to sponsor the AASC during the 2018-2019 school year. All participating schools will have an opportunity for their top scorers to be invited to compete in the Second Annual McDermont X - AASC Invitational.

A special commendation

A special commendation for Brooke Underwood, 8th Grade student at Alpine Vista School in Tulare for scoring an amazing 555 points out of a possible 600 points. She was the top scorer of the 60 student participants.

Alpine Vista School

Alpine Vista School swept the 7th and 8th Grade competition in the Classic Invitational. Jocelyn Gomez Ontiveras and Jaden Colesberry, 7th and 8th Graders, along with 8th Grader Michael lriye joined classmate Brooke Underwood in being named All-American Students in these two grades. This si an amazing achievement for Alpine Vista ... coongratulations!

Alpine Vista School

We in AASC are excited and blessed to have Clint Ashcraft, CEO of McDermont X, and his staff in partnership with us in this First Annual Classic Invitational. The facilities are awesome. This is truly another "Dream Come True."

What's New Posted 4-13-18

Pixley Middle School

"Pixley Middle School presented an awesome and incredible AII-Americasn Student Classic the week of March 19-23, 2018. David Morehead, PE Teacher, did a very remarkable job as Event Director. Their Friday morning awards ceremony was an outstanding event for students, staff and parents. Smiles reigned supreme throughout the fast moving ceremony. I am sure the 67 student participants will remember this as a very special memorable moment for years to come. They were extremely "Fired Up" throughout All-American week. Go, Jaguars, go!"

"The All-American Student Classic is unique in the way it allows students who may not normally get a chance to shine due to poor decisions they may have made in the past be honored and recognized for their academic and athletic accomplishments.
Being on a stage with a medal proudly around their neck may be the spark they need to make a change for the better."
David Morehead
AASC Event Director, Pixley Middle School

"I think this competition is awesome! I love that academics are combined with athletics."
Heather Rodriguez
8th Grade Teacher, Pixley Middle School

"I am so proud of our students who competed and worked hard in both academics and sports com petitions.
They are learning that you have to work hard and not be afraid to stand out in order to become successful in life."
Ms. Laura Archer
Science Teacher, Pixley Middle School

"The All-American Student Classic is inspiring and simply what every child needs to highlight how truly awesome they are in their academic and athletic abilities."
Laura Cisneros
RSP Instructional Aide, Pixley Middle School

"It is great to see my students use all of their talents and skills in a fun and competitive event."
Ms. Uzi
8th Grade Math Teacher, Pixley Middle School

"I am so glad our school was able to participate in the All-American Student Classic. It brought joy and excitement. It also gave an opportunity for students to participate that normally would not. I love how you connected academics and sports.
I could see how we could use this event to select our "Jaguar of the Year." Thank you so much for keeping the program alive!"
Tammy Hudson
6th Grade Teacher; Pixley Middle School

"It is an accomplishment. I really enjoyed the obstacle course. I also did well on the academics."
Joe Ray Giron
6th Grade All-American Student, Pixley Middle School

What's New Posted 2-27-18

Seventh Year
We will be starting our seventh year in sponsoring the All-American student Classic on July 1, 2018. We are thrilled to announce that 7,500 students in grades 4-8 have now participated in this event. Recognition is still our major focus. "Smiles" continue to define the Classic. Student participants, staff members, leadership teams and parents enjoy the AASC. This event continues to provide the fuel that ignites and "Gets Kids Fired Up About School."

Seeking Major Partnerships
The AASC is seeking to find major partnerships which can be helpful to various schools as they sponsor this exciting event for middle grade students (grades 4-8).

Summer School
Summer school can be a good time to sponsor an AASC event at your school. Give us a call if you have an interest in perhaps sponsoring the event in your school this summer, 2018.

What's New Posted 12-8-17

Recruiting Associates
We at the AASC are very interested in recruiting Associates, which is important for the expansion of this outstanding event throughout California and in the near future - expanding throughout our nation’s schools.

It will not cost you a penny to become an Associate. It is a good way for you to “pick up some extra cash.” We would really enjoy talking to those interested in perhaps becoming one of our team members. Please contact:

Richard “Dick” Schlagel, CEO
Phone (559) 784-1270

Bob Pugh, President
Phone: (559) 359-4234

Laurie Pugh
via us mail: AASC, 19079 Avenue 152, Porterville, CA 93257
Phone: (559) 783-7503

To: Lincoln School and Rocky Hill School, both in Exeter, Redwood Chris an School in San Lorenzo, Wilson School, Tulare City, Woodville Elementary and Strathmore Middle School for sponsoring the AASC once again this fall. We have received a vast array of very favorable and positive comments at these Classics this year. “Ge ng Kids Fired Up About School” is still our major focus. The various benefits derived from sponsoring this event at your school are many and lasting.

What's New Posted 9-27-17

Don Erwin Passes Away
Don Erwin, an associate with our AASC Team, passed away on Labor Day, September 4th, 2017 in Bakersfield. He joined us a over a year ago. Don was a retired Middle School Principal in the Porterville Unified School District. He was a well-respected educator and a great friend to many and loved by his family.
He is survived by his wife Sandie, his two daughters, Kirsten and Amber, and his son Andy.
A memorial service was held in Porterville on Saturday, September 9, 2017 with over 400 in attendance. Don will be greatly missed by his family, fellow educators and many, many friends.

Tulare Schools to Sponsor the AASC
Bob and Laurie Pugh have been contacting a number of elementary and middle schools in the Tulare City School District. Responses from the various schools and their administrators have been very positive.
We at the AASC are looking forward to and anticipating some very remarkable Classics from the Tulare Schools this school year. We appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from the Principal and also Dr. Clare Gist, Superintendent.

The Good News!
The AASC is elated to report that the computerized program for the five academic tests has been completed and is up and running. This will greatly reduce staff time. No longer will they have to administer the tests, score the tests, tally the results, etc. We are constantly looking at ways we can streamline this event. Any suggestions, please forward them to us. We certainly want the All-American Student Classic to be an event on the cutting edge and be super customer friendly.
We are also happy to report that 6,000 students have participated in the AASC as of June 2017. Our goal is to have 2,500 students be engaged in the Classics this student year. Schools in our tri-county area (Tulare, Kings, Kern) will be our major focus.

What's New Posted 7-23-17

Retiring Superintendent
Lora Haston, Superintendent for Alta Vista Elementary School District is retiring effective August 31, 2017.
Lora has been an incredible supporter and an awesome ambassador for the All-American Student Classic for these past five years. We, members of the AASC team, wish you "the very, very best" in your well-deserved retirement. You will be missed!

Porterville Unified Superintendent Meets With AASC
Ken Gibbs, Superintendent for Porterville Unified School District, met with Dick Schlagel, CEO for the AASC, along with Bob Pugh, President of AASC. We at AASC are very grateful and appreciative for Ken's endorsement and support for this event. There are ten K-6 schools and three middle schools in the district. Pioneer, Bartlett, Westfield and West Putnam schools have conducted the AASC in some of the past years. These were very successful events with great leadership displayed by their staff. We are hoping that each of the district's thirteen schools will sponsor this event this 2017-2018 school year.

6,000 Students Strong This is the number of students in Tulare and Kern County Schools who have participated in the All­American Student Classic as of May 2017. The All-American Student Classic could be that one special event that would light the spark to get both the kids and your staff "Fired up about School." A vast array of testimonials from participating students, staff and parents speak well of the event and its incredible impact at their campuses.

Annual Planning Conference The AASC team members will be assembling in beautiful Morro Bay on Saturday, August 5, 2017 to conduct its Annual Planning Conference. Bob and Laurie Pugh will be hosting this special event in their awesome home. It will be great to get out of this 100° weather and enjoy the 70°temperatures in Morro Bay.

Computerized Academic Testing Program We are thrilled to report that our five subject academic testing competition is now fully computerized. It will now require a very minimum amount of time from various staff members. This is a very positive break-through for the AASC and participating schools. Grades 4-6 students answer ten test questions in each of the five subjects: Reading, English, Math, Science and History. Students in grades 7-8 take five Academic tests in these five subjects. Their tests consist of 20 questions total.

Flexibility One special feature of the AASC is its flexibility. This one-week event, along with its special awards ceremony can be conducted in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer.
It can be scheduled during the regular school day, extended lunch period, P.E. classes or after school. We do recommend you complete it in five days with an awards assembly 3 to 10 days following the completion of the event.

Quote From A Former All-American Student Al Hearne Jr., Supintendent of Redwood Christian Schools in San Lorenzo, was an 8th grade All-American Student at Bartlett Junior High School in Porterville California in May of 1992. His district sponsored a very successful Classic in January 2016 with 130 grades 6-8 students participating. Here is one of Al's quotes: "The RCS faculty appreciated our broad participation and high effort by the students. Student participation showed a strong interest in the AASC events. During the Awards Ceremony there was constant enthusiastic cheering for the students who earned medals and other prizes."

The AASC still features the four major components: Participation, Competition, Sportsmanship and Recognition. If you are interested in finding out more about the Classic's Associate Program, please contact Bob Pugh, AASC President, at {559} 359-4234, or email at:, or Dick Schlagel at {559} 784-1270, or email at:

What's New Posted 6-13-17

All-American Student Events ... Summer 2017
Alta Vista conducted its 5th consecutive All-American Student Classic the week of May 15-19, 2017. An evening BBQ/Awards Ceremony was held on May 25. Families, friends, students and staff had a very enjoyable and rewarding evening.

Alta Vista School ... Special Features
Lora Haston, Superintendent, Alta Vista School District, will be retiring on August 31, 2017. Lora has been an incredible supporter and a great ambassador for the All-American Student Classic. We wish her well in her well-deserved retirement. She will be missed!

Alta Vista Receives Award
Alta Vista's Board of Trustees will be awarded a beautiful framed Certificate of Recognition and Achievement at its June 14, 2017 meeting.

Pathways Program
The Pathways Program at Granite Hills High School, Porterville, CA is to be commended for doing a video of Alta Vista's BBQ/Awards Ceremony on May 25, 2017.

Thank You From AASC Team
Our All-American Student Classic team members (Dick Schlagel, Bob Pugh, Laurie Pugh and Cindy Camarena) want to express its thanks and appreciation to all schools who sponsored the Classic this past 2016 - 2017 school year.

Congratulations to Diana Jacuinde, Alta Vista's grade 7 All-American Student for scoring an awesome 940 points. What an achievement! Also, we want to commend Miguel Ruiz, Alta Vista's grade 8 All-American Student, for repeating this outstanding honor. He was also the winner in 2016 as a 7th grader - very remarkable achievement!

About the All-American Student Classic
The All-American Student Classic could be that one event which would "Fire Up" your students and staff. It continually focuses on Participation, Competition, Sportsmanship and most importantly Recognition . ... Dick Schlagel, CEO, AASC

"Smiles still define the Classic!"

If you are interested in finding out more about the Classic's Associate Program, please contact Bob Pugh, AASC President, at {559) 359-4234, or email at:", or Dick Schlagel at {559} 784-1270, or email at: .

What's New Posted 3-2-17

All-American Student Events ... Spring 2017
We are looking forward to sponsoring events at Bakersfield City Schools this spring. Woodville Elementary School District in Tulare County will also be conducting its second AASC event for this school year this spring. We appreciate Superintendent Jesse Navarro's leadership.

Redwood Christian School ... Special Features
We will be featuring Redwood Christian School in San Lorenzo, California. In our May-June issue of the Classic Communicator, our official AASC newsletter. This Middle School, with grades 6, 7, and 8 sponsored a very successful event in January of 2017. Al Hearne Jr., Superintendent of Redwood Christian School participated in the Classic while attending Bartlett Junior High School in Porterville, California back in the 80's. He has fond memories of the Classic. Bob and Laurie Pugh were able to attend some of the event's activities. They reported that the school's obstacle course was just awesome.

Annual Mid-VearPlanning Meeting
The Pugh's secondary home, located in beautiful Morro Bay, was the location of our AASC mid-year planning session. Bob and Laurie Pugh, Cindy Camarena, Penni Rogers and Dick Schlagel were in attendance at the February 4, 2017 session. A review of the 2016 year's events and activities indicated a very successful and rewarding year. Many accomplishments and some changes made for a very interesting and rewarding year. Our Annual Conference will be held in July of 2017 in Morro Bay, California.

Porterville Recorder Article
The Porterville Recorder published a very interesting and informative article on Strathmore Middle School's two All-American Student Classics, held in November 2016 and January 2017. The district's Board of Trustees were also presented with a framed Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition by the AASC team at its February 13, 2017 Board Meeting. Bob Pugh, President of AASC made the presentation. If you are interested in finding out more about the Classic's Associate Program, please contact Bob Pugh, AASC President, at {559} 359-4234, or email at:, or Dick Schlagel at {559} 784-1270, or email at:

What's New Posted 1-30-17

All-American Student Awards Changes
The AASC is changing one of the major awards to each All-American Student recipient. A beautiful backpack will be replacing the All-American Student jacket. We loved the jackets; however, logistics with the need to supply various sizes presented a problem in getting proper jacket size to the various schools. As we expand throughout California, and hopefully across our great nation, supplying the correct size jackets will present major problems. Runner-Up t-shirt awards will also be changed. We will still supply the Leadership Team with shirts.

Three Cheers for Strathmore Middle School
Joanie Stone, Strathmore Middle School Principal, and her staff are to be commended for conducting a very special AASC in December of 2016. An outstanding awards ceremony for grades 5-6 was held as the climax of the Classic. They started the grade 7-8 Classic on January 9, 2017. With the awards ceremony scheduled for January 17, 2017. Every student at the school was an active participant.

CEO Comments
"Participation, competition, sportsmanship, and recognition are the four major ingredients of the All-American Student Classic. The three Exeter Schools: Lincoln, Rocky Hill, and Wilson Middle School, are to be commended for implementing each of these ingredients in their AASC events held this past fall, 2016."

Exeter Unified School District Receives Special Award
The Exeter Unified School Board, along with its District Administrators, staff members and students at Lincoln Elementary, Rocky Hill Elementary and Wilson Middle School was presented with a beautiful framed Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation at the January 11, 2017 Board of Trustees monthly meeting. All-American Student Classic team members Dick Schlagel, CEO, Cindy Camarena, AASC member, made the presentation.

Contratulations Don Erwin, Associate
Don Erwin, our first Associate, is to be congratulated for signing up his first AASC school. Woodville Elementary conducted its first event in October of 2016. Five Bakersfield City School District schools were also signed up by Don. They will be conducting their events this spring, 2017.

What's New Posted 11-10-16

AASC Awards Ceremonies
Woodville Elementary, Rocky Hill Elementary (Exeter) and Lincoln Elementary (Exeter) conducted outstanding Awards Ceremonies as the climax event for their schools' All-American Student Classic event. The various smiles on the student's faces told it all. Recognition continues to be a key ingredient of the AASC.

AASC goes North Expanding out of the Valley our AASC President Bob Pugh and Laurie, his wife, were in attendance at Los Padres Elementary School in Salinas, CA for their Awards Assembly on Friday, October 28th. It was a very successful event for their All-American Student Classic's activities for the week of October 24-28, 2016.

Former All-American Student Sponsors the AASC Al Hearne, and All-American Student at Bartlett Jr. High School in Porterville and now serving as Superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools at San Lorenzo will be sponsoring the AASC in January, 2017.

Congratulations to Strathmore Middle School Our AASC team members are so happy that Strathmore Middle School in Southeast Tulare County will be sponsoring two AASC events, Grades 5-6 in December of 2016 and Grades 7-8 in January of 2017. We commend Shelly Long, Ed.D, Superintendent, and Jeanie Stone, Principal, along with the Middle School staff for conducting this event and making it available for its entire student body.

Recent Quotes "This was the first time I was exposed to the event (AASC}. I enjoyed the rate of students participation and engagement. Students were recognized for academics in various subjects as well as athletics - way to encourage Woodville's students - awesome!"
-Martina Salas - ELL Director, Woodville Union School District

"The All-American Student Classic can be the best to your abilities. My favorite event was the Standing Long Jump, so I was able to use my legs to my advantage."
-Coral Wilkinson, Grade 5 All-American Student, Rocky Hill Elementary, Exeter Unified

"The All-American Student Classic event sponsored by the staff and administrator of Woodville School was one of the most successful programs we have seen over the past four years. Their leadership

"The All-American Student Classic event sponsored by the staff and administrator of Woodville School was one of the most successful programs we have seen over the past four years. Their leadership team of staff members went all-out to make this event special for all fifth and sixth grade students. The smiles on the students faces at the awards assembly told the stories of pride and satisfaction on a job well done."
- Bob Pugh, President - AASC

"The one Word to define the All-American Student Classic is "Quality."
That would include our consulting services, website, computerized program, video clips, promotional materials, awards, products, etc. We continually strive for excellence on all facets of this unique event."
- Dick Schlagel - CEO, AASC

What's New Posted 9-12-16

Associate Don Erwin visits schools
Don Erwin, our recently hired Associate is busy contacting schools in the Bakersfield area. He was also the contact person for Woodville Elementary.

Woodville Elementary Schedules Event
Jesse Navarro, Superintendent, Woodville Elementary School District in Tulare County, along with his staff, are excited about sponsoring their first All-American Student Classic in October. Our AASC team met with their staff on August 26 for an orientation and training session. The staff, along with its Leadership Team, are very positive about the event. They are expecting a large number of Grade 5 and 6 students will be participating in this first Classic. Students will have opportunities to participate, compete and be highly recognized for their efforts and achievement.

AASC team attends Bakersfield City School District’s Annual After-School Conference
Don Erwin, Laurie Pugh, Bob Pugh, President and Dick Schlagel, CEO, attended this annual conference along with 15 other vendors.

AASC Networking with Granite Hills High School’s Pathway Program
Our AASC team is very excited to have the Digital Design and Communication Pathways Program help with producing various video clips which will be used on our website ( to demonstrate directions on conducting the five athletic contests and also the five academic tests for the All-American Student Classic. We are very grateful to have Kim Ramirez, her staff and students assist our AASC team by offering their professional services and expertise. We are looking forward to having the program’s students add new dimension to the All-American Student Classic this school year

Dick Schlagel, CEO

What's New Posted 5-26-16

Good News
Lindsay Unified School District is exploring the possibility of conducting the AASC as part of their After-School Program and also a special summer event at the McDermont Center.

First Associate joins AASC Team
Don Erwin, retired administrator, Porterville Unified School District, will be our first Associate. He will be contacting various schools in the Bakersfield area and on the Central California Coast. Don will be performing his duties as an independent contractor. His successful administrative experience of 30 years will be an asset to our team and we are certainly looking forward to his services in this new position.

Expanding the AASC
Our Classic is continually expanding. During this next school year, 2016-2017, we are hopefully scheduling the AASC in Paso Robles, Salinas, and Redwood Christian Schools in the Bay Area. Our team has decided to change to a new logo. We will be sharing an exciting new identity. Hope you enjoy it too!

New Website Tabs
We are also adding some new tabs on our website. These new tabs will feature exciting stories about both students and staff and also pictures highlighting "What All-American Students Look Like."

Summer School
Summer schools are coming back. We presented the AASC on the Tule River Indian Reservation several years ago. It proved to be an incredible event, well accepted by the students, staff and parents. We can still plan the Classic at your District's schools (grades 5-6 and 7-8) for this 2016 summer. We would like to hear from you if there is an interest shown. It will certainly enrich your Summer School Program.

Alta Vista's 4th Annual Kickoff Assembly
Alta Vista Elementary School held it's 4th Annual AASC kickoff Assembly on Friday, May 13, 2016 in the school cafeteria. The students were really "Fired Up" during the 30 minute gathering. Alta Vista gets remarkable student participation from its grade 7-8 students. Outstanding leadership and commitment are given by Lora Haston, Superintendent, Cliff Cantrell, Principal, and Vanessa Reilly, Event Director and 8th grade teacher. They assemble an outstanding Leadership Team each year. They "think out of the box", and present something new for each Classic.

Dick Schlagel, CEO

What's New Posted 3-8-16

Our quarterly newsletter, The Classic Communicator, will feature Jefferson Elementary School in the Bakersfield City School District. Ruth Miranda, Event Director, and her staff conducted an awesome awards assembly on February 26, 2016. Students in grades 4-5 celebrated this one week Classic as part of their after-school program.

Sundale Elementary School District in Tulare County started it’s Classic on Monday, February 20, 2016. The activities will be held on four Mondays with the all-school awards assembly scheduled for March 17. It is being sponsored by the Sundale After-School Program. Students in grades 7-8 were also invited to participate this year.

We want to welcome Penni Rogers to our AASC team. Penni will be the Classic’s Office Manager. She will be performing a variety of duties which will enable us to continue to offer timely services and quality resources as we expand the program. Penni is featured in an interview in our current newsletter.

Mid-State ACSA Conference

Our AASC team will have the opportunity of presenting a workshop/seminar to the Association of California School Administrators on Sunday, March 13. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo. Approximately 200 school administrators will be in attendance at their 1st Annual Mid-State Conference. The AASC team will be informing these California State School Leaders about the Classic features and how it can “Get Kids Fired Up About School” in their particular school district.

Dick Schlagel, CEO

What's New Posted 12-14-15

Exeter Unified School District is to be commended for sponsoring three All-American Student Classics during this past October 2015.

Lincoln Elementary School, our first 100% participation school. Every 5th grader participated in the Classic, featuring 5 academic events and 5 athletic activities. Special congratulations to Amber Dutto, Event Director for this awesome accomplishment.

Bakersfield City School District’s afterschool program will be conducting five All-American Student Classics during November and through February of 2016. Students at Compton Junior High, Sequoia Middle School, Mt. Vernon Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary and Thorner Elementary. Some other district schools may be sponsoring the AASC during the spring of 2016. We certainly appreciate Deanna Clarke, AESEP Coordinator for her leadership and working closely with the AASC consultants.

West Putnam Elementary School held its Second Annual All-American Student Classic in November with a successful awards assembly on Friday, November 11, 2016. A total of 126 medals were awarded to the 5th and 6th grade participants for their outstanding achievement in the 5 academic events and 5 athletic contests. Israel Longoria, West Putnam Administrator, has been Event Director for 3 consecutive AASC events. We commend him for his leadership and providing a unique event which is “Getting Kids Fired Up About School.”

Dick Schlagel, CEO

What's New Posted 9-9-15

Congratulations To:

  • Exeter Unified School District, along with Lincoln Elementary, Rocky Hill Elementary and Wilson Middle School for sponsoring All American Student Week (October 5-9) Students in Grades 5-6 & 7-8 will be competing in academics and activities throughout this special week.

  • Kings River Union School District will be conducting the All-American Student Classic this fall.

  • Bakersfield City School District for sponsoring an outstanding Professional Development and Vendor Faire for its after school program personnel. The AASC booth had a large number of staff members stop by to learn more about the classic. Three schools participated this past spring. We had a number interested in perhaps promoting it this new 2015-2016 school year. There are 45 schools (K-8) in the district, the largest elementary school district in California.

New Contact

Redwood Christian Schools located in Northern California have expressed an interest in the All American Student Classic. Al Hearne Jr. is the Assistant Superintendent. He was the All American Student Winner in Grade 8, while attending Bartlett Junior High School in Porterville, California in the 1980’s… He recently sent an email to Bob Pugh, a friend and also our AASC President.

The All American Student Classic put me on the right track in life… from something fun to do at school, to showing me that I could accomplish things I set my mind to. I have never been so surprised as when I was announced as the winner in the 8th Grade. What a shock! After it, I really started to break out of my introverted shell. One week of 8th grade set me onto a new path in life.

Al Hearne, Jr. Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Redwood Christian Schools San Lorenzo, CA

Funding Source

Dick Schlagel, CEO and Bob Pugh, President met recently with Ken Gibbs, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, Porterville Unified School District, to discuss various funding sources available to districts and their various schools. It was a very informative meeting and we are very appreciative for Ken’s input. We will be producing a special brochure “Funding Sources” soon.

Congratulations to Exeter Unified School District Posted 7-30-15

July 28, 2015 was a special day for the All American Student Classic. Exeter Unified's two K -5 schools along with its grades 7-8 Middle School will be sponsoring two classic events during the 2015 / 2016 school year. This was firmed up at the meeting with officials.

Approximately 600 students will have opportunities to participate in the event. It will include approximately 100 students from Lincoln Elementary and Rocky Hill Elementary. Wilson Middle School is anticipating 400 student participants. Each school will be sponsoring two All American Student Classic events scheduled for the weeks of October 5-9, 2015 and March 14-18, 2016.

We are very appreciative of the leadership of Dr. Donya Wheeler, Deputy Superintendent, along with Principals’ Veronica Raigoza, Lincoln Elementary, Linda Montemayor, Rocky Hill Elementary and Sonia Wilson, Wilson Middle School. Tim Hire, District Superintendent is very supportive of this unique extra – curricular activity. The one week event will feature students competing in five academic subjects along with five physical activities. An all school awards assembly will be held to recognize each student for his/her participation, effort and achievement.

Dick Schlagel, CEO

Busy Summer Posted 7-30-15

Dick Schlagel, CEO and Bob Pugh, President have been very busy this summer meeting with school and county administrators to share the All-American Student Classic. We have had very informative and rewarding sessions with the following:

  • Exeter Unified School District, Dr. Donya Wheeler, Deputy Superintendent

  • Fruitvale School District, Mary Westendorf, Superintendent

  • Alpaugh Unified, Rob Hudson, Superintendent

  • Kings County Superintendent of Schools, Tim Bowers

  • Director External Business Services, Tulare County Office of Education, John Wilborn

  • Superintendent of Porterville Unified, Dr. John Snavely

  • Director, Bakersfield City after School Program, Deanna Clark

Dick Schlagel, CEO

Two Page Quarterly Newsletter Posted 7-15-15

One of the special features of our new website will be a two page quarterly newsletter. We will want to focus on the information about the Classic and give recognition to student participants, the school leadership teams, and various awards and accomplishments of the event.

Our first features in this, our initial summer 2015 issue, will recognize Vanessa Reilly, 8th Grade teacher at Alta Vista School the past three years. Her leadership and organization skills are superb. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for our website, and especially for the newsletter. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Dick Schlagel, CEO