Getting Acquainted with the Event

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+What type of Program is this All-American Student Classic?

The All-American Student Classic is an all-school program for all students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 where students compete in various academic and athletic events.

+What grade levels participate?

All boys and girls in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

+When is the best time to conduct this Program?

Any time is the best time to get kids fired up about school. How about during your school year kick off, your mid-year program, your early or late spring program or perhaps during your summer school or even “after school programs”.

+Is class time used to hold the activities of the Program?

This is a decision best made by the individual school. Some schools conduct academic tests before school, the first 10 minutes of the day, noon time or after school. Athletic events are held at noon time and/or during student’s physical education period.

+What if a participant is absent or tardy for a particular event?

There are no make-ups and students will not be recognized at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly. Each participant must compete in five academic and five athletic activities during the specified times and dates. (NO MAKE- UPS)

+How are the participants recognized for their achievement?

There are 3 medals (gold/silver/bronze) awarded in each event to those placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their grade level activity (5 academic events and 5 athletic events). Boys compete against boys and girls compete against girls in the athletic events at grade level. All students participate against each other in the academics at grade level. All 2nd and 3rd place overall winners will receive runner-up string packs.

+Is there an over-all program winner?

Yes. The two top students (girl and boy in each grade level) will each receive an All-American backpack and an individual plaque. The school receives a five-year perpetual plaque to display for these students to have their name, the year and the number of total points for each engraved.

+What about other students completing this program?

Every student who completes all ten events receives an attractive certificate and a ribbon for their participation, effort and achievement.

+How is this program scored?

The online academic testing is scored and time stamped upon students “submitting” each test. The athletic events are timed and scored by school staff – leadership team. Scores are imported by school staff using an Excel or a Numbers spreadsheet on the secure site.

Each of the five academic events consists of 10 questions for grades 4, 5, 6 and 20 questions for grades 7, 8. Each correct answer is worth 10/5 points respectively. Maximum score is 100 points per test. The scores for the five athletic events are determined by how well they do in that particular event. The top participant receives 100 points, the 2nd place winner receives 95 points and 3rd place winner receives 90 points, etc. The results are calculated by the All-American software and ties are broken via our multi-level tie breaker tool.

+Has this program been held successfully before?

Yes. Please refer to various testimonials found on the MORE INFO, TESTIMONIALS and SERENDIPITIES tabs.

+What expenses are involved in sponsoring this event?

Consulting services, website access with secure sign-in to our program, instruction videos, academic tests with time stamping and athletic importing and tabulating of scores for placements of awards which includes multi-level tie-breaker tool. Online access with auto-fill for certificates. Delivery to school of All-American ribbons, medals (gold, silver, bronze), All-American backpacks and plaques for winners and string packs for runners up, school poster, banner and 5-year school perpetual plaque. No additional expenses are required to run an exciting and successful event.

+How does a school find money for the program?

There are a number of fund-raising events a school may conduct. A fund-raising brochure is available for your assistance (or see the Resources tab, Funding). Additional sources can include Lottery Money, General Funds and in California; L-CAP funding which is an excellent funding tool. There may be additional funds with individual districts/schools.

+What resources are available to help our staff present this program?

Consulting services are available via phone, text or email to school staff. These consulting services are part of what makes our program extraordinary. Within two weeks of the start of your program, school staff will receive basic instructions along with their secure login and password to the All-American Student Classic SCHOOL LOGIN tab on the webpage. At this time, they will be able to view instructional videos on how to proceed with academic testing and how to enter scores for the athletics should they have questions.