Resources & Services

The All-American Student Classic offers quality
resources and timely services to the schools,
and staff.

We are greatly committed to offer first class services with quality resources to each school, student and staff as they experience this unique event.


  • Grant Applications

    Bank of the Sierra, Sierra Grant – for grant application and more information, click on the following link:

  • Brochures

    including a three-fold brochure containing information which includes our vision and mission statement, special features, events, awards, resources, services and testimonials.

  • Banner

    for school display. A 3’ x 5’ vinyl banner with information for promoting the event.

  • Academic Tests

    (online) includes a set of five tests including the subjects of English math, history, reading and science.
    Grades 4, 5, 6 have 10 questions.
    Grades 7, 8 tests have 20 questions.

  • Certificates

    for students completing all 10 events are available online and fillable for presentation at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly.

  • Red White and Blue Ribbons

    with logo are given at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly to each participant completing the required 10 events.

  • Medals

    of gold, silver and bronze, given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each academic and athletic activity given at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly.

  • String packs

    for presentation to overall 2nd & 3rd place runners-up (boy and girl) at each grade level and awarded at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly

  • Backpacks and Student Plagues

    Plaques for presentation to the top All-American Student boy and girl at each grade level and presented at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly.

  • 5 Year Perpetual School Plaque

    listing each All-American Student with year, grade, girl or boy, and total number of points scored in the ten-event Classic.

  • 24 x 36 School Poster

    showing the All-Americans and the school’s Leadership Team (presented to the school following the Awards Ceremony/Assembly).

  • Fundraising brochure

    which is a four-page pamphlet listing over 30 fundraising events along with other pertinent fundraising .

  • Funding sources brochure

    listing sources which schools may use to defray expenses and the cost of sponsoring the annual event.


  • Consulting

    is available to schools before, during and after the event to provide quality and timely services to staff. Help is available via phone/text/email.

  • Website with Secure Log-in

    in and access to the computerized student academic testing, athletic scoring and auto calculating (with multi-level tie breaker tool) of final scores for winners. Staff records and imports athletic scores via Excel or Numbers spreadsheet for those final calculations.