Resources & Services

The All-American student classic offers quality
resources and timely services to the schools,
students and staff.

We are greatly committed to offer first class services with quality resources to each school, student and staff as they experience this unique event.


  • Brochures

    eight page fold containing information which includes vision and mission statement, special features, events, awards, resources, services and testimonials.

  • Event Binder

    A publication on the website which gives vital information for planning, promoting and presenting the classic. It contains other forms and documents used for the event, along with a number of samples.

  • Promotional Binder

    It contains pictures, posters, news releases and several event check lists useful in promoting the classic.

  • DVD

    It shows information pertaining to the event, which may be used for orientation, promotion and training purposes.

  • Banner

    A 3’ X 6' Vinyl Banner with information for promoting the event at your school.

  • Academic Tests

    A set of five tests including the subjects of English, math, history, reading and science.
    Grades 4-5-6 tests have 10 questions
    Grades 7-8 tests have 20 questions
    There are 3 test forms: A, B, & C

  • Certificates

    Beautiful certificates given at the awards assembly to each participant completing all 10 events of the classic.

  • Ribbons

    Red, white, & blue ribbon with logo given at the awards assembly to each participant completing the required 10 events

  • Medals

    There are gold, silver & bronze medals given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for each academic and athletic activity. They are awarded at the awards assembly.

  • Backpacks

    Presented to overall second & third place runners-up (boy and girl) at each grade level. They are awarded at the awards assembly

  • Backpacks

    Awarded to the four top All- American student boy & girl at each grade level. These are presented at the awards assembly as the climax activity

  • Student Plaque

    Presented to each of the four All- American students at the awards assembly.

  • Perpetual School Plaque

    Ten year plaque listing each All- American student, grade, boy or girl and total number of points scored in the ten event classic

  • Posters

    24” X 36” poster showing All- American students and the events Leadership team that is presented to the school following the awards assembly (within 2 weeks)

  • Cups

    Given to certain leadership teams

  • Hats

    Given to certain members of leadership team members

  • Staff shirts

    Given to each leadership team member before the event starts (4 shirts)

  • Bookmarks

    Promotional item given to event director to pass out to selected staff and/or students

  • Fund raising brochure

    A four page pamphlet listing over 30 fund raising events along with other pertinent information about fund raising

  • Funding sources brochure

    A document listing various sources which schools may use to defray expenses and the cost of sponsoring the annual event


  • Consulting

    Consultants available before, during and after the event to offer both quality and timely services to staff and students. May be contacted by phone, email, or U.S. mail

  • Website
    An up to date site which gives information on an array of topics including who we are, components of the event, news, newsletter, testimonials, etc.

  • Computerized scoring results

    A program which will give you information on how each sheet is scored, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners in the five athletic contests, and also the five academic tests. A complete computerization of the entire classic is now available.

  • Power point presentation

    This presentation is available to show at schools, clubs or other groups desiring to know more about the event

  • Forms

    A variety of forms with sample copies that are located in the event and promotional binders

  • Bulletins

    A number of sample bulletins used in planning and promoting the classic

  • News Releases

    A sample news release may be found in the event binder. The consultants are also available to do your news release if given appropriate information

  • Checklists

    Several checklists including planning, promotion, etc. are found in the events binder. The all event checklist is a very good and comprehensive tool for the event director, Principal and leadership team members.