The All-American Student Classic gives a very high priority to the recognition of each participant who completes all tests and events. A special all-school Awards Ceremony/Assembly is the climax of the All-American Student Classic week.

The awarding of colorful certificates and ribbons, beautiful medals (gold, silver, bronze), runners-up string packs and the All-American Student backpacks and plaques at the All-School Awards Ceremony/Assembly is the major highlight of the All-American Student Classic. Dick Schlagel

All American Student Classic Awards

Certificate and Ribbon

Every student completing 10 events will receive this beautiful certificate and ribbon at the awards assembly. This award presentation is given at the beginning of the awards assembly.


Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each event are awarded.

String Packs

All-American Student Classic string packs with the logo will be presented to the two runners-up at each grade level (girls and boys).

All-American Student Backpacks

The two top scorers in each grade level receive an All-American Student backpack. These high-quality backpacks are awarded at the Awards Ceremony/Assembly.

All-American Plaques

Each of the All-American Student winners also receives this very attractive plaque along with their AASC Backpack at the conclusion of the Awards Assembly.

School Perpetual Plaque

A beautiful 5-year, school perpetual plaque listing each of the two All-American students of each participating grade level with the year and their individual scores.