The Program

The All-American Student Classic is a special and unique event, focusing on academics, athletics, sportsmanship, schoolwide student participation with first class recognition for each participant.

The All American Student Classic is an extra-curricular school activity for students in grades 4-5-6 and grades 7-8. We provide all necessary planning and promotional materials, awards, and quality consulting services to enable you to conduct a very successful life changing event for both students and staff.

The time and effort spent on promoting, planning and presenting the All American Student Classic at your school is minimal compared to the major benefits derived from this all-school one week event. Such as participation, competition, sportsmanship, decision making, self-esteem and student recognition.

The Program Consists Of


  • Focuses on both academics and athletics
  • All-school event, open to any student at no cost to the student
  • Recognizes students for their participation, effort, and achievement with a variety of awards
  • All-school Awards assembly
  • DVD available to be used as both a training and promotional tool
  • Many favorable and positive comments received from students, staff and parents.


  • Math
  • Reading
  • English
  • History
  • Science
More About Our Academics


  • 50-yard dash
  • 880-yard run
  • Basketball toss
  • Softball throw
  • Obstacle course
More About Our Athletics


  • Certificates
  • Ribbons
  • Gold Medals
  • Silver Medals
  • Bronze Medals
  • All-American Back Packets
  • All-American Plaques
  • School Perpetual Plaque
More About Our Awards