The testimonials received from students, staff and parents has been amazing and encouraging.

Whenever the words, ‘All-American’ are used, there is an automatic sense of something special and prestigious. That certainly was true with the special program that was instituted at Bartlett Junior High here in Porterville, California a few years ago. Richard Schlagel, the principal of that school, devised a program that brought out the very best among the students there, and encouraged them to strive to become an ‘All-American’ in a competitive environment. The idea of incorporating scholastic achievement with athletic excellence was an encouraging goal for the best of the students and the heights many of them attained were amazing. My son was one of the participants and winner of some medals. He has often said that was one of his favorite competitions among all of those he competed in throughout his educational experiences. I feel that a program such as that should be a part of the school year for students at all grade levels and it obviously produced improved grades and athletics at Bartlett. The model for the program created by Dick Schlagel is one that would fit at any school.

Monte Moore | Former Major League Baseball Broadcaster | Former owner radio stations KTIP-AM/K100-FM | Porterville, CA

AASC put me on the right track in life . . . from something fun to do at school, to showing me that I could accomplish things I set my mind to. I have never been so surprised as when I was announced as the winner in 8th grade. What a shock! After that I really started to break out of my introverted shell. One week of 8th grade set me on a new path in life.

Al Hearne II | Superintendent, Redwood Christian Schools | Former Bartlett Middle School Student

My experience doing the All-American Classic was AMAZING! I never thought I would win overall. I was so shocked when my name was called to receive my jacket and plaque. I had a lot of fun with all of the different activities. I hope next year’s participants do as well. I will never forget this year!

Lizeth Santos | 8th Grade All-American Student Classic | Alta Vista School

The highlight of my middle school experience was the All-American Competition. Combining athletics and academics make for a competition like none other. It granted the opportunity for any student to medal in one of the events while some students took the motivation to excel in all events in order to compete for the coveted All-American crown. 28 years ago, I participated and I still have my medals. I think the concept is fantastic and I highly recommend all schools to host an All-American competition.

Donnie Moore | Leisure Services Superintendent | City of Porterville

The All-American Student Classic was a huge success at Pioneer Middle School. Having students participate in both academic and athletic events gives students many opportunities to excel and then be recognized at the Awards Assembly. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the week and I would say, without a doubt, the competition was one of the highlights of the school year. Students are already asking when our next Student Classic is beginning. I would recommend any school to host an All-American Student Classic.

Scott Gammon | Teacher/Event Director | Pioneer Middle School

At the end of the summer session students came together for testing and two great days of athletic competitions. It was fun to see them cheering-on one another. The smiles on the winners’ faces on awards day showed the pride they had in their accomplishments. I look forward to having the All-American competition again next year!

Jeanne Adams | Teacher | Tule River Education Department

The All-American Classic was a huge success. Our students are already talking about next year’s event!

Cliff Cantrell | Assistant Principal | Alta Vista School

The All-American Classic was a great way for students to be recognized and gain self-confidence..

Juan Zamora | PE Teacher | Alta Vista School

What a way to bring the year to an end! Administration, the Team who pulled it off, the students who participated, the staff and the rest of the school watching made it possible to pull off such a successful week! Fun was had by all. I saw a competitive nature come out that I can hopefully foster from Day One of the next school year. Participating in the All-American Classic is an event I hope to be involved in for many years to come! Challenging the students academically and athletically brought out the competitor in all! Eagle Pride!!

Vanessa Reilly | ELA/College Path Teacher and Director of Events for the AASC | Alta Vista School

Richard Schlagel created, developed and instituted the All-American Week competition at Bartlett Junior High School while he was serving as principal. As educators, we recognize academic achievement in basic academic areas. Coaches recognize their outstanding athletes for accomplishments in their respective sports, which is also quite valuable. The All-American competition recognizes those student-athletes that excel in both areas. In doing so, it makes a statement of the importance of both academic and athletic achievements. As a teacher and particularly as a parent whose son as a seventh grader won the seventh-grade competition, I realized the excitement and the self-esteem that it brought him to continue developing both academic and athletic interests. The competition rewards not only those who win the individual events, but also rewards those who complete the competition. It builds school enthusiasm and school pride. All-American Week has become a very important part of the school year at Bartlett. It is truly a very positive activity for our student body. In asking the students how they feel about All-American Week and the competitions, they say that they enjoyed it and were especially impressed by the nice medals that were received. I whole-heartedly support and encourage other schools to begin their own All-American Week.

Ida Herrera | Teacher (R) | Bartlett Jr. High School

Being an active participant in all events throughout the week’s competition was both fun and challenging”, Alexander R. said. Math and the basketball toss were my favorite academic and athletic activities.

The All American Student Classic was a great success for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade middle school students. All of the students at each level were active participants,” Strathmore Middle School teacher and coach Stephen Sobko said. “The students absolutely enjoyed every portion of the week-long event and they are looking forward to it next year. This is a great event and healthy competition among student provides them with multiple opportunities to be recognized for their superior academic, athletic and overall achievement.

Strathmore Middle School had a blast doing the All-American Student Classic events,” Principal Joanie Stone said. “I overheard students say they are going to make sure their mom gets them to school on time, so they don’t miss out on the academic events. That is great.

Everyone has something that they shine in. The All-American Student Classic lets everyone have a chance to shine and motivates the entire school to push and develop life and academic skills for all of the students – not just the overall winners. It is a really good social program for any school.

Craig Harrill | Teacher, 5th grade

Today was an amazing day at Wilson Middle School in Exeter, CA. The entire morning was dedicated to celebrating our amazing students in the All-American Student Classic. Unlike past AASC events at Wilson where the students take part in physical challenges during their PE classes, our entire student classes; the entire school was out on the fields today to either compete or cheer on their peers.

Elizabeth Henderson | Resource Specialist

Today is a great day!

Austin H. | His favorite event was the obstacle course

It was an AWESOME DAY!

Cole G. | Right after the morning events

I love it! We have some great kids!

Mrs. Henderson | Upon witnessing so many kids supporting one another during the events

I couldn’t be more proud of how the AASC turned out today! I have heard so many positive things about it. Many thanks to the PE team and to everyone who contributed to the process. Congratulations on a job well done.

Sonia Wilson | Principal | Wilson Middle School

The All-American Student Classic is unique in the way it allows students who may not normally get a chance to shine due to poor decisions they may have made in the past be honored and recognized for their academic accomplishments. Being on a stage with a medal proudly around their neck may be the spark they need to make a change for the better

David Morehead | Event Director at Pixley MS

I am so proud of our students who completed and worked hard in both academics and sports competitions. They are learning that you have to work hard and not be afraid to stand out in order to become successful in life.

Laura Archer | Teacher at Pixley MS

I am so glad our school was able to participate in the All-American Student Classic. It brought joy and excitement. It also gave an opportunity for students to participate that normally would not. I love how you connected academics and sports. I could see how we could use this event to select our “JAGUAR OF THE YEAR”.

It is an accomplishment. I really enjoyed the obstacle course. I also did well on the academics.

Joe G. | 6th Grade All-American Student

The All-American Student Classis is inspiring and simply what every child needs to highlight how truly awesome they are in the adamic and athletic abilities.

It is an accomplishment. I really enjoyed the obstacle course. I also did well on the academics.

RSP Instructional Aide | Pixley Middle School