Students compete in five athletic events. Each athletic activity consists of a maximum of 100 points. The total points for the five athletic contests is 500 points.

The student placing first in an athletic event receives a score of 100 points., second places is 95pts , third place is 90 points, fourth place 85 points, faith place 80 points, sixth place 75 points. Seventh place 70 points, eighth place 65 points, ninth place 60points, and tenth place 55 points. All other participants completing event will receive a score of 50 points for that event. In case of a tie score in an athletic event, the score on the obstacle course will determine who receives the Gold (1st) Silver (2nd) Bronze (3rd) medals. However, each participant receives the number of points for that placement. The computer automatically scores each event.

The Athletic Events

50-yard Dash

880-yard run

Basketball Toss

Obstacle course

Softball Throw

The one word that describes the All American Student Classic is AWESOME