Academic Tests are taken via the secure All-American Student Classic website with a built-in multi-level tie breaker tool.

  • Grades 4, 5, 6 academic tests consist of 10 questions (100 total possible points)
  • Grades 7, 8 academic tests consist of 20 questions (100 total possible points)
  • Each question has four possible responses. Students compete with students of their own grade level
  • The maximum number of points for the five academic tests are 500 points

A student’s self-esteem is greatly improved by participating in and completing the All-American Student Classic and then being recognized for their effort and achievement.

The Academic Subjects


The math questions consist of: word problems, percentages, graphs, geometry, algebra, reciprocals.


The reading tests consist of vocabulary, main ideas, comprehension, facts or opinions.


The science tests consist of questions related to Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Science.


The English tests consist of grammar, punctuation, antonyms, capitalization, parts of speech and figures of speech.


The history tests consist of ancient history, U. S. history and civics.