Additional Funding Sources


  1. General Funds is a source

  2. Lottery Money is a source

  3. LCAP funds is a big source. Schools, especially those having many students classified on Free Lunch Program (Low Socio-Economic) and also English Learners, have large sources of money now available with LCAP (Local Control Accountability Program) Funds. LCAP funding is flexible and can be changed during the year. LCAP money focuses on Student Engagement – Educational Goals – School Climate.

  4. Title 1 Program (Federal Funding) is another good source of funds. In the past, Title 1 was very restricted as to who and how its funds could be used. It may be more flexible today.

  5. There are number of unrestricted funds which qualify for funds that can be used for the All American Student Classic. The key is convincing the district that All American Student Classic helps the district promote educational programs and All American Student Classic helps the district meet its educational goals.