Meet The Team

We are greatly committed to offer first class services with quality resources to each school, student and staff as they experience this unique event.

Dick Schlagel - CEO

I had the privilege of conducting the All American Student Classic Event for eight consecutive years while serving as a Principal of Bartlett Junior High School (now known as Bartlett Middle School) in Porterville, California. All American Student Classic Week, with its various activities, was a very positive and special event on our school campus with wide participation from both students and staff. We climaxed this All American Student Week with a Friday afternoon awards assembly where students were honored for their participation, effort and achievement. It was always an exciting week on our campus as students were continually striving for excellence and competing in various academic and athletic events.

Bob Pugh - President

I was a teacher at Bartlett Junior High School (Bartlett Middle School) for twenty-two terrific years. I was fortunate to have Dick Schlagel as my principal for eleven years. His creative leadership brought many new and exciting programs to our school. The one program that Dick initiated that student and staff recall as the most positive and memorable is the All-American Student Classic. This activity was the highlight of the entire year, as participants, spectators, staff, parents and families all focused on four days of competition and the final day of recognition. The All American Student Classic is a program that brings out the best qualities of all students participating and the many students who follow the daily activities. That in turn, brings out the best qualities of the entire school.

Laurie Pugh - Manager/Consultant

It is my pleasure to be your office consultant. My background includes working in the local high schools and junior college. More recently my time has been spent in the private sector focusing on land acquisition/development, property management and being involved with local water and philanthropic organizations. I look forward to working with you to “Get Kids Fired Up About school”.

Cindy Camarena - Consultant

As the youngest daughter of Dick and Juanita Schlagel, I am so excited about being a part of dad’s longtime dream of making All American Student Classic available to schools. My background has been in the Emergency Medical field (27+ years). Recently my focus has been the local Chamber of Commerce. First with the Leadership program as a graduate and then the steering committee for the last 10 years. Currently I am enjoying the Chamber as Director of Membership and Special Events. Additionally being a mom led me to Little League Board, AYSO Board of Directors, PTO and Band Parents. The All American Student Classic started out as my dad’s dream and now I get to be a part of making his “Dream Come True”.