Program Benefits

“This program will do more to instill positive staff and student attitudes than any other program that might be brought into the district. This one-week event will change the environment for the good of your school for weeks after it is over, and the potential to change the lives of some students for a lifetime!” Daryl Nicholson

What We Accomplish

Life is full of choices, challenges and competition. The All-American Student Classic offers all three in a wholesome school environment. The benefits the schools receive by sponsoring the Classic on campus are special and lasting. Richard Schlagel

We Provide ......

  • A school experience that get kids fired up about school
  • A unique and exciting event focusing on academics and athletics
  • All necessary materials vital to presenting a first-class event
  • A life changing event for students in grades 4,5,6,7,8
  • Quality consulting services available 24/7 before, during your event

We Promote

  • Sportsmanship
  • School pride
  • First-class recognition for each student
  • Building self-esteem
  • Leadership teamwork
  • A life-changing student event
  • What it means to be an All-American Student on your campus

We Encourage

  • All students in contracted grades to participate
  • School-wide promotion and publicity for the week-long event
  • Recruitment of an excited and committed school leadership team
  • An all-school Awards Ceremony/Assembly
  • Special recognition for each student completing all AASC events
  • Testimonials from student participants and staff
  • Striving for excellence in academics and athletics

The All-American Student Classic has all the major facets for a successful and enjoyable school event; participation, challenges, competition, sportsmanship, achievement and most important, recognition.

The All-American Student Classic is an event where ordinary students participate and achieve extraordinary results and recognition.